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  1. 版本更新

    • Disable the HTML5 uploader for older versions of Android (< 5, not using Chrome) due to incompatibilities.
    • Prevent the HTML5 uploader from creating a horizontal scrollbar with very small windows.
    • Fix an issue reverting message edits if not all of the edits could be reverted in one batch.
    • Add several new indexes for performance benefits in specific cases.
    • Ensure that several additional types of content are updated correctly when merging users.
    • Capture errors parsing bounced emails and log them for future analysis.
    • Prevent recursive calls to the image proxy by short circuiting to the final image.
    • Limit the number of image proxy records removed at a time to prevent memory errors.
    • Adjust multiple external calls in templates/JS to always use HTTPS.
    • Prevent the likes received list from being completely blank in specific situations.
    • Don't display the "log in or sign up" message on threads that have been explicitly closed.
    • Fix an incorrect permission check when quoting a user that could lead to a phantom alert being created.
    • Trim smilie replacement values when saving to prevent unexpected behavior