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Lazy Load [img] 延迟加载图片 1.2.2

延迟加载 [img] 标签

  1. 版本更新

    • Use javaScriptSource to support CDN/alternative javascript paths
    • Fix an issue the image would not resize when resizing the window smaller.
  2. 版本更新

  3. 版本更新

    Replaced lazyloading script 'unveil' with 'lazysizes. Browser support is at least IE9, or Firefox, or Chrome.

    Provides a much smoother lazy-loading experience, and better client performance.
  4. 版本更新

    • Fixed compatibility with add-on: [Tinhte] Image Attachment Optimization & CDN Support
    • Hid spinner for no-script users.
    • Images inside a Spoiler tag start loading once the spoiler button is clicked.
    • Option to Force Lazy Loading for Spoiler contents.
  5. 版本更新

    Ensure the Lazy Loader javascript is only loaded when required rather than being loaded globally.